Before & After

  • Using the PALS Handwriting Program has consistently demonstrated great before and after results for many children. Children typically are ready to write around age 5 after developing important foundational skills. These can include good posture, control of arm movements, strength in arm and hand joints, eye-hand coordination, a mature pencil grasp, and the ability to imitate pencil strokes accurately. Without first developing these skills, a child can have difficulty with writing, become frustrated with learning, and develop poor habits that can inhibit success as they age. Below is an example of a child’s handwriting before and after starting the Treasure C.H.E.S.T. workbook, the first step of the program. After completing the Treasure C.H.E.S.T., the same child completed the Heads, Tummies, & Tails workbook, the second step in the program. The second set of photos are the before and after examples.