• Playapy offers several methods for parents to directly access professional services including educational workshops, pediatric occupational therapy, and online classes. Backed by experience with of working with hundreds of children, Parents effectively communicates to parents playful solutions that lead to powerful results. 


  • Playapy’s family-centered services are designed to:

    • Increase independence in children that need extra help.
    • Improve school performance and conduct.
    • Increase a child’s strength, confidence, and creativity.
    • Help children have fun while learning faster and more efficiently.

    • Decrease emotional stress from behavioral concerns.
    • Decrease delays caused by demanding school curriculum.
    • Decrease financial stress from therapy costs.
    • Prevent escalation of developmental delays.
  • Playapy Services

  • Educational Workshops

    Playapy offers educational workshops and trainings designed specifically for parents, educators, or therapists. Join the email list to receive notifications.

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  • Occupational Therapy

    Occupational therapy services are available for home and private school settings in the Miami, FL. Playapy specializes in treating children ages 3-9.

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  • Online Classes

    Online classes for parent education will be available soon. For individual consultations online, contact Playapy directly for more details. 

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  • Educational Workshops Testimonials

    • She made it very easy to understand. It was a very educational class. These books are very helpful.

      Preschool Educator, Miami, FL
    • She was very knowledgeable and very organized. I learned that handwriting skills have much more to do with the body, not just hands. I understand more about body language when it comes to the children.

      Preschool Educator, Miami, FL
  • Therapy Services Testimonials

    • My son has been doing Occupational Therapy with Amy for a year and half, and we couldn’t be happier. She developed a special bond with my son, yet made him work hard in a way that was fun. Within a couple of months, we started seeing more progress than the entire previous year. Amy was also very patient and caring with the entire family while we transitioned from home schooling to a regular classroom environment, working closely with his teachers and caretakers.

      Tatiana Araujo, Mother of 5-year-old
    • After 2 years of OT with OK therapists, Amy stepped in and we have seen incredible improvement in focus, attention, eye contact, and handwriting. Thank you, Amy! You are the best. Amy makes it fun and easy for kids and parents alike.

      Anonymous, Mother of 6-year-old
    • After working with Amy side by side, I can recommend her wholeheartedly. She is a creative and scholarly professional who knows what she is doing and works impeccably with her clients. I would recommend her services without hesitation and am happy to have worked with her for many years.

      Alina, Speech Language Pathologist
    • Our son Lucas was having what we thought was just behavioral concerns at school, but after starting services with Amy we learned there were others areas to improve. Now we couldn’t be happier. With Amy we are seeing those improvements week after week! The teachers at Lucas’ school have definitely seen an improvement with his focus and behavior, and exercises Amy taught us have really made me feel more equipped as a parent. I feel like I am responding to my son and his challenges in ways that benefit him and give him the tools to succeed in life.

      Rev. Juan Del Hierro, Father of 4-year-old