Founder & Press

  • Playapy was founded by pediatric occupational therapist Amy Baez. After a decade of experience working with hundreds of children with disabilities and developmental delays, Amy was seeking an even deeper spiritual connection to her career. She decided that despite the enjoyment she experienced working one-on-one with her patients on a daily basis, she wanted to create and communicate on a larger scale. She realized there was a need for a resource for parents that would provide greater access to therapists’ knowledge, tips, and suggested products under one virtual roof.

    Amy also further developed her interest in fine motor and handwriting skills. These efforts have led to the creation of Playapy’s handwriting program including workbooks: Treasure C.H.E.S.T. and Heads, Tummies, & Tails as well as other products in development.

    Just like a curator collects and manages the pieces of work in a museum, Amy has mastered the art of curating the tools and toys for play in the most important of places…the home of a child. Her mission is to help parents, caretakers, and educators become more informed about child development through the use of fun, functional, and smart play. Learn more about the Playapy story in her words here.