Under one virtual roof and in the comfort of your home, Playapy provides support for parents and educators of young children particularly between the ages of 3-9 years old. Playapy presents ways to enhance play interactions and the learning of developmental milestones and skills. ​Check out the blog regularly for articles and tips. Review the listed resources for activities, videos, and additional links and information. Learn how to receive training and therapy services. Lastly, shop for Playapy publications and additional tools recommended by pediatric therapists.

Foundational skills are built in the home and school environment. Here’s how Playapy can help!

  • Increase independence in children that need extra help
  • Help children have fun while learning faster and more efficiently
  • Increase a child’s strength, confidence, and creativity
  • Decrease emotional stress from behavioral concerns
  • Improve school performance
  • Decrease delays caused by demanding school curriculum
  • Decrease financial stress from therapy costs
  • Prevent escalation of developmental delays
  • A Passion for Play

    February is the time of year for professing your true love, and I am not too shy to admit that one of my greatest passions is play. As a pediatric occupational therapist, I spend many hours of my week at play with children. The trunk of my car is full of games, toys, an

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    Keeping Cursive Current

    As the creator of a handwriting program, people outside of my profession often ask me if I think handwriting will soon be a thing of the past due to the advancement of technology. They usually reconsider when I remind them of all the daily activities we don’t thin

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    ‘Tis the Season for Toy Making

    It is commonly known that the holiday shopping season is very important to the toy industry. Just last year U.S. retail sales of toys topped $18 billion. Interestingly, there is a trend that could save you money instead of having you spend it if you gift your child the

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